Power line communication is ready for the smart grid todayAlberto Sendin and Inigo Berganza consider the suitability of PLC for 'smartening' power infrastructure.
Turkey – an emerging smart grid marketSmart metering, smart grids and smart cities are all emerging in Turkey, ICSG Istanbul 2016 revealed.
What virtual synchronous generation means for distributed generation How to enable a plug and play integration of renewable energy without compromising grid stability.
Market transformation: water sector is nextDeregulation will force water companies to change their strategies especially when it comes to creating a customer-centric approach.
Analytics is advancing faster than you think…Julien Groues, Senior Vice President, EMEA, C3 Energy, shares some thoughts on analytics in the utility business.
Establishing a cybersecurity roadmap in the digital ageNadya Bartol, UTC Vice President of Industry Affairs and Cybersecurity Strategist, shares some key security concerns and best practices.
National Grid customers save in smart grid pilotNational Grid customers in Worcester, MA saved US$1.25 million with smart metering.
Week in smart metering - IoT to bring benefits for allGrowth of connected devices will reach several billion in the next decade, writes Amy Ryan, deputy editor, Metering & Smart Energy International.
TEPCO adopts customer-centric approach to Japan’s competitive electricity marketTokyo Electric Power Co is building its new business model around the needs of its customers.
‘New deal’ for European energy consumersThe New Deal for Europe’s energy consumers envisages empowering them to become active participants in the energy markets.
IT/OT convergence: what does this look like for the modern day utility?IT/OT convergence provides a common technological ground for the two domains to work together, write Adarsh Krishnan and Eugenio Pasqua.
Centrica looks to CHPCentrica has acquired combined heat and power (CHP) solution provider ENER-G.
Storage needs subsidies in EuropeSubsidies being removed from renewables should be directed to energy storage, say University of East Anglia researchers.
Storage, the vital ingredient for unlocking UK’s low-carbon power systemBattery storage will be used for the first time in the UK to provide a fast-acting frequency response service to the national transmission network.
Nissan joins home storage bandwagonHome storage, vehicle-to-grid technology and next generation Li-ion batteries are in the sights of Nissan.
Internet of Things between convergence and active energy demandLivio Gallo, Head of Global Infrastructure and Networks, ENEL discusses the growth of Internet of Things.
Week in smart metering - Customer communication a priorityCustomer communication emerged as a recurring theme at African Utility Week, writes Amy Ryan, deputy editor, Metering & Smart Energy International
Private LTE network strengthening utility operations AT&T and Nokia are bringing to market a private 4G LTE network solution for utilities.
Bridging the gap between analytics and business needsBy embedding analytics into daily operations, utilities can enhance operational performance, proactively solve problems and improve decision making.
Energy storage brings benefits beyond renewable integrationThe importance of battery energy storage systems is increasing as power systems evolve, writes Pat Hayes and Janissa Arevalo from ABB.

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Customer self service portals, present a great opportunity of cost savings for the utilities because of their lower transaction rates.

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Demand response presents an opportunity to take energy management to the next level.

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Automation is not new on the smart grid, however the Internet of Things (IoT) is set to provide a smarter grid which facilitates more information flow and connectivity throughout the Transmission

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