California Innovates On MicrogridsThe California Energy Commission is seeking to fund several cutting edge microgrid demonstration projects.
St. Paul Island Project To Demonstrate Flywheel Energy Storage In Remote AlaskaThe St. Paul Island Flywheel Demonstration will create a model for use in remote grid communities and systems.
Mexico’s Utility Proposes Transmission ProjectsMexico’s transmission projects are aimed at boosting its economic growth.
European Directive on High-Speed Electronic Communications to Lower Costs and Improve Service DeliveryThe new European Directive will have a direct impact on smart grids and service delivery.
EU’s Energy Saving Directive to Reduce Energy Bills To meet new European Union regulations, companies are expected to measure their total energy consumption or face penalties.
Minigrids - A High Impact Technology For Rural ElectrificationLeading public and private sector organizations are partnering to accelerate the deployment of clean energy minigrids.
India Poised To Join Energy Storage RevolutionNew demonstration and pilot projects are stimulating development of energy storage in India.
Lockheed Martin Snaps Up Energy Storage FirmLockheed Martin could take energy storage development to another level by acquiring Sun Catalytix.
What is required to develop Tanzania’s gas infrastructure for international, regional and domestic markets?An interview with Chris Ford, Head of Asset Management: Africa at Songas, as he shares with us insights into Tanzania's gas sector
A Focused Approach to Data Analytics is the Way ForwardCompanies should base their decisions on quality data and analytics.
Distributed Generation A Global TrendMany countries have committed to renewables targets, but traditional power system design and market regulation is often failing to support them.
Smart Grid Coming To St. KittsA pilot smart meter deployment kicks off what is hoped will be a model smart grid for the Caribbean.
Demand Response Market Faces Major GrowthThe global smart demand response market is estimated to reach US$51,478.9 million in 2025.
Investment in Microgrids In Asia-Pacific To Near US$31 Billion By 2023Remote microgrids are the main microgrid market opportunity in Asia-Pacific as declining renewables costs enhance their business prospects.
Microsoft Plays For The Smart Home MarketMicrosoft appears to be gearing up for the home automation market with its Windows-based gesture and voice recognition package Kinect.
Ontario’s Grid Operator Gets Its First Grid-Connected Battery Ontario can look forward to balancing power flows and maintaining grid reliability with its new grid-connected battery.
BKW Gets Smart About the Energy TransitionSwiss power utility BKW upgrades its grid to prepare for the future.
Opower Goes EastOpower will be rolling out its analytics platform to Tepco’s customers to improve customer satisfaction and reduce consumption levels.
Data Analytics – Consumers Favoured In North AmericaNorth American utilities see value in data analytics but so far have favoured their customers over the enterprise.
Demand Response Grows Slowly In EuropeDemand response targets and strategies are required to overcome historical barriers in most countries in Europe.

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